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18/11/23 -> Updated O-Nexum doc, removed expired links and references, reorganized projects, removed newmembertips02/06/23 -> Updated footer copyright, adjusted intro doc, condensed FAQ, moved governance content to Pecunia.Finance DAO page, created color papers section, added emojis, added long logos, updated navbar logo, added links in Other Links23/02/23 -> Updated Press Kit with new Logos and font weight, Small random text fixes, new logo, new favicon, condensed FIN council pages into one, added roles in membership, added whitepaper08/01/23 -> Moved Nexum FAQs to main page, deleted Nexum FAQ, updated Porta information27/12/22 -> Fixed links, fixed typos, updated small random details, updated litepaper, updated Nexum, updated Porta15/12/22 -> Reduced About Projects pages into one, reduced and updated Knowledge Base, added Project Nexum update, fixed broken links13/12/22 -> Added Cartula doc, fixed a Nexum link, added DAO link in NavBar05/12/22 -> Re-organized Projects folder, moved nexum folder to projects, removed spaces from urls07/11/22 -> Added Project Porta info, Project Genero info, Nexum Updates page, Project intro pages, typo fixes, link fixes25/10/22 -> Added Council Folders & Pages, Project Folders & Pages, Resources, Press Kit & Other Links, Governance Folders & Pages, Governance FAQs, Bounties Page, XP Page, DAO FAQs; Moved Instructions to Knowledge Base; Edited previous posts; Added links to multiple pages; Adjusted Themes; Added Socials to Navbar22/10/22 -> Added Constitution & Litepaper14/10/22 -> Added Hummingbot-Sifchain Connector Forum Post & Infographics